Small ECO Houses. Living Green in Style.

Small ECO Houses

BENITEZ, Cristina Paredes & VIDIELLA, Alex Sanchez
Barcelona: Loft Publications, 2010.

Anyone who has faced the challenges of limited living space and wanted to reduce their impact on the environment will find inspiration in this survey of the latest trends in environmentally sensitive, small-scale residential designs. More than forty residential spaces are profiled-from woodsy houses and repurposed farmhouses to cool apartments and urban lofts-both inside and out.

As environmental impact is a growing concern, each project was chosen because of its ecological sensitivity as well as its small-scale efficiency and beautiful, thoughtful design. Each case history describes how the designer and architect took account of the ecological fooprint the building will have throughout its entire life cycle. And the volume presents a wide spectrum of sustainable buildings, from houses that are made of local materials or recycled structures to residences with reduced heat and electricity consumption due to the use of natural light or cross ventilation.

Filled with beautiful color photographs and helpful floor plans, this book is a remarkable showcase of how good design can transform any small space into a comfortable, modern-and environmentally sensitive-home.